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Son Goku
Dragon Ball
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I'm the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth for the sole purpose of beating you. I am the warrior you've heard of in the legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That's what I am. I am the Super Saiyan, Son Goku!
~ Son Goku's speech to Frieza


Son Goku is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball. Born on Planet Vegeta, he is sent to Earth for protection from the impending destruction of his home planet. After being found by an old martial artist named Son Gohan, he is trained in martial arts himself. Throughout the years, he has defended the Earth and his universe from countless threats.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Son Goku’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Goku is introduced in the Dragon Ball manga and anime at 12 years of age (initially, he claims to be 14, but it is later clarified during the Tournament Saga that this is because Goku had trouble counting), as a young boy living in obscurity on Mount Paozu. Goku owns the Power Pole and the four-star Dragon Ball, inheritances from his grandfather. One day, after doing his daily chores, Goku is hit by a car when on his way home after catching a Giant Fish. Having never seen a car before, he assumes it is a monster attacking him. When the driver shoots Goku with a gun, she becomes scared after seeing that it hardly does any damage and surrenders, revealing herself to be a Human girl, named Bulma. Goku states that he has never seen a girl before and that the only human he has seen in his life is his deceased grandfather.

Goku takes Bulma to his house, where she ends up discovering his four star Dragon Ball. However, Goku does not want Bulma touching it since it is precious to him, so Bulma decides to let Goku to join her on a quest to collect all seven Dragon Balls to summon the Dragon, not revealing to him that the Dragon Balls would be scattered across the Earth once they succeeded. Later that night, when camping in Bulma's Capsule House, Goku is introduced to various technology such as Television, lights and even a bath. Early the next morning, Goku is surprised when he learns a bit about the anatomy of women after he takes Bulma's underwear off while she is sleeping.

Later that morning, Goku meets Turtle, whom he decides to take back to the ocean, forcing Bulma to come along. After defeating a Bear Thief who wants to eat the turtle, they make it to the beach, where he meets his future master, the turtle hermit, Master Roshi. When the turtle hermit meets them, he rewards Goku with a flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus, that only allows people of pure heart to ride it, with which Goku has no difficulty. Bulma also receives the three star Dragon Ball out of this, in exchange for showing the old horn-dog her underwear (however, she is actually nude, because Goku had pulled them off the night before).

Three days later, Goku and Bulma end up in Aru Village, which is under control by an evil shape-shifter named Oolong, who kidnaps the villagers' daughters. After Goku fails to impersonate Pochawompa in an attempt to find the location of Oolong's hideout, he decides to face Oolong head on. After chasing him outside the village, Goku manages to capture him, forcing Oolong to give the villagers back their daughters. Afterward, they are rewarded the six star Dragon Ball and Oolong is forced to join Goku and Bulma on their quest. While crossing the Diablo Desert on their way to Fire Mountain, Goku fights a bandit named Yamcha, who is friends with a former classmate of Oolong, named Puar. Goku and Yamcha have a duel, and Yamcha is surprised when Goku brings out his Power Pole, learning that he is the grandson of the legendary martial artist, Gohan. After nearly losing to Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist due to hunger, Bulma awakens, causing Yamcha to flee due to of his fear of women. Later that night, Goku and the others stay the night in Oolong's House-Wagon, where Goku tells Oolong about the Dragon Balls while Yamcha and Puar hide outside and listen, also learning of the mystical spheres. The next morning, Goku fights Yamcha again after he destroys the House-Wagon and attempts to rob them. Goku knocks out his opponent's tooth and Yamcha, in a false display of apology, gives them a car that secretly has a tracking device for him to follow them. Two days later, the gang ends up at Fire Mountain, where Goku ends up fighting the Ox-King after he attempts to kill Bulma and Oolong. After Goku summons the Flying Nimbus, the Ox-King stops fighting and tells Goku that the man who gave Goku that cloud is the same master that taught him. In an effort to douse the fire surrounding the Ox-King's castle at the top of the mountain, Goku is sent to retrieve the Bansho Fan from Master Roshi after picking up the Ox-King's daughter, Chi-Chi. When they arrive at Master Roshi's Island, he tells them that he accidentally threw the fan out and decides to come there himself and put out the flames. When they get back to Fire Mountain, Master Roshi uses a technique called the Kamehameha to put out the flames, unfortunately destroying the mountain as well. Much to Master Roshi's surprise, Goku immediately imitates the wave and makes one big enough to destroy their car. While Bulma and Oolong find the Dragon Ball in the rubble, Master Roshi asks that Goku trains with him after finishing his quest for the Dragon Balls.

On their way to the last Dragon Ball, they take a break at a town which is ruled by a gang known as the Rabbit Mob. While there, Goku and Bulma get into trouble with the Rabbit Mob, but Goku defeats their leader, Monster Carrot with the help of Yamcha. When they get back on the road, they are attacked by a robot piloted by Shu, who steals five of their Dragon Balls. Luckily, though, Goku insists on keeping his four-star ball with him instead of with the rest of the Dragon Balls. Yamcha gives them a lift to Pilaf's Castle to get them back. However, once they arrive, they get locked in a room filled with sleeping gas, where Goku's four-star Dragon Ball is stolen.

When they wake up, Emperor Pilaf summons Shenron and tries to use the wish to rule the world, but his plan is foiled when Oolong interferes and wishes for a pair of panties after getting out from a small hole made by Goku's Kamehameha. After trying to escape, the gang is placed into a special cell that will fry them when the sun comes out. Goku ends up looking at the full moon that night, causing him to turn into a Great Ape and destroy the cell along with the rest of Pilaf's castle. Seeing Goku out of control in the ape form, Yamcha grabs Goku's tail and has Puar turn into a pair of scissors to cut Goku's tail off, causing him to revert to his normal form. The next morning, Oolong begins to speculate that Goku is not a human, raising the question of whether he is "some kinda space alien." Declining the offer of his new friends to come with them to West City, Goku bids them goodbye to train with Roshi. While flying off on the Nimbus, Goku cheerfully says the world is an amazing place.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, higher with the Kamehameha, even higher as an Oozaru | High 8-C | 7-A | 7-A | 7-A | 5-C | 5-C, Low 5-B with Kaioken x3, 5-B with Kaioken x4 Kamehameha | 5-B | 5-A, higher in Kaioken x20, Super Saiyan, and with the Spirit Bomb | At least High 5-A, 4-B as a Full Power Super Saiyan and with Instant Kamehameha | 4-B | 4-B, 3-C as a Super Saiyan 3

Name: Son Goku, Kakarot

Origin: Dragon Ball

Sex: Male

Age: 12 at the beginning of Dragon Ball, 18 by the end, mid 40s by the end of Dragon Ball Z

Classification: Alien, Saiyan

Attack Potency: Wall level (Could physically grab and crush a large boulder with his own hands. Broke a door with a punch, could destroy several bricks with his finger. Hit a pterodactyl so hard, he broke a part of it’s body. Defeated Yamcha when fully fed), higher with the Kamehameha (His kamehameha can break parts of walls that both his and Yamcha’s punches and kicks can’t break through), even higher in Oozaru form (His power is increased tenfold, can break through steel and glass that not even the kamehameha could break through) | Large Building level (Defeated General Blue. who survived his plane crashing into a mountain at full speed) | Mountain level (Master Roshi states that Goku has surpassed him in power with him even making note that not even he would have the stamina to defeat the entire red ribbon army, which should include his Max power state who could destroy fry pan mountain) | Mountain level (Fought evenly with Tien Shienhan who Roshi post-training noted might even be stronger than him) | Mountain level | Moon level (Matched Piccolo Jr., who should not be that much weaker then his beginning of Saiyan Saga self, who should be comparable to Piccolo who destroyed the moon) | Moon level+ (Easily stopped Nappa's attacks, who is far above Raditz), Small Planet level with Kaioken x3 (Caused Vegeta to bleed, whose power level is 18000, making him 44 times above Piccolo during beginning of Z), Planet level with Kaioken x4 (Overpowered Vegeta's Galick Gun with a Kaioken x4 Kamehameha. The Galick Gun in question was meant to destroy Earth) | Planet level (Superior to Captain Ginyu who had a power level of 120,000, putting him far beyond the Kaioken x4's 32,000 power level) | Large Planet level (Fought Final Form Freiza using less than 50% of his power, the latter who is far superior to his first for, who destroyed Planet Vegeta which has ten times the gravity of Earth, requiring a GBE of this level to overcome), higher in Kaioken x20, Super Saiyan, and with the Spirit Bomb (Defeated Full Power Frieza) | Large Planet level (Much stronger than he was previously, easily blocked Trunks' slashes with his finger before becoming stronger for the confrontation with the androids). Solar System level as a Full Power Super Saiyan and with Instant Kamehameha (Fought against Perfect Cell who should not be that far off from his Super Perfect form’s Solar Kamehameha, which was stated it was going to destroy the entire Solar System. Nearly killed Perfect Cell with his Instant Kamehameha, with Cell only coming back due to regeneration) | Solar System level (Superior to SSJ2 Gohan who defeated Cell) | Solar System level, Galaxy level+ as a Super Saiyan 3 (Transforming into Super Saiyan 3, shook the afterlife)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Travel Speed: Subsonic (Could travel 120 kilometers in a short timeframe), High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus (Even post King Kai training Goku used the flying nimbus to make it to the saiyans implying it is at least comparable to his flight speed by then, with Goku being capable of traveling over a million of kilometers in two days) | Subsonic, High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus | Subsonic, High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus | Subsonic, High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus | At least Subsonic, High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus | At least High Hypersonic (Traveled over a million kilometers in 2 days making Goku move at 5787 m/s), High Hypersonic Flight Speed with the flying nimbus, Massively Hypersonic with Kaioken | High Hypersonic, Massively Hypersonic with Kaioken | High Hypersonic, Massively Hypersonic with Kaioken | Massively Hypersonic (Reached a state that shocked him so much in his base that it beyond even his kaioken multiplier against Ginyu), higher with Super Saiyan | At least Massively Hypersonic | At least Massively Hypersonic

Combat Speed: Subsonic (Appeared faster then a trained bandit could see, traveled 120 km in a short timeframe. Tagged a pterodactyl, which can reach up to 67 miles per hour, 29.95 meters per second) | Supersonic | Supersonic | FTL | FTL | FTL | FTL, higher with Kaioken | FTL (Faster than his Saiyan Saga Kaioken x4 form) | FTL, FTL+ with Super Saiyan (The super saiyan transformation is a 50x multiplier, thus making him at least 50x FTL) | FTL+ (Far superior to his super saiyan form on Namek) | Massively FTL (The Super Saiyan 2 state is a 100 times multiplier, thus making him at least 100x FTL)

Reaction Speed: Subsonic | Supersonic (Can avoid bullets from close range, on a consistent basis) | Supersonic | FTL (Could avoid a point blank laser beam, could avoid the kamehameha which could reach the moon in a very shot timeframe, along with tagging someone who could react to a kamehameha) | FTL | FTL | FTL, higher with Kaioken | FTL | FTL, FTL+ with Super Saiyan | FTL+ (Far superior to his super saiyan form on Namek) | Massively FTL

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Could pick up and throw Bulma’s car, with the average weight of a car being over 1000 kg), Class 10 as an Oozaru (An Oozaru increases one’s strength 10 times) | Class 100 (Moved a giant boulder with a lot of effort), possibly Class M as an Oozaru (Great Ape transformation increases the users power tenfold) | Class 100, likely higher | Class 100, likely higher | Class M (Has fused his untapped potential with the Oozaru within him) | Class M, likely higher | Class M, likely higher | Class M, likely higher | Class M, likely higher | Class M, likely higher | Class M, likely higher

Striking Strength: Wall Class, even higher as an Oozaru | Large Building Class, likely higher as an Oozaru | Mountain Class | Mountain Class | Mountain Class | Moon Class | Moon Class, Small Planet Class in Kaioken x3 | Planet Class | Large Planet Class, higher in Kaioken x20 & Super Saiyan | Large Planet Class, Solar System Class as a Full Power Super Saiyan | Solar System Class | Solar System Class, Galaxy Class+ as a Super Saiyan 3

Durability: Wall level (Could tank an axe hitting his head, causing the very axe to break, could tank being shot with the bullet not piercing him, took a beating from Yamcha while hungry that sent him flying through several pillars), higher as an Oozaru | Large Building level | Mountain level | Mountain level | Mountain level | Moon level | Moon level, Small Planet level as Kaioken x3 | Planet level | Large Planet level, higher in Kaioken x20 & Super Saiyan | Large Planet level in base. Solar System level as a Full Power Super Saiyan and with Instant Kamehameha | Solar System level | Solar System level, Galaxy level+ as a Super Saiyan 3

Stamina: Very High

Range: Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range with Power Pole, Tens of Meters as an Oozaru, Up to Thousands of Kilometers with Power Pole extended (Can reach up to the moon), Interplanetary with Ki Blasts (Ki blast can reach out of the planet and to other planets), Interstellar with Instant Transmission (Can transport to a completely different solar system as long as he can lock onto the persons ki)

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Enhanced Senses (Goku’s nose is as sharp as a dog’s allowing him to smell the scent of people from far away. Can sense people in a village even when they are all hiding), Extrasensory Perception (Goku has been trained by Mr. Popo in learning to hone his sixth sense to be able to notice people attacking him from behind without using his eyes and feeling the environment around him), Bulletproof (Asides from gag scenes, bullets are unable to pierce him), Summoning (Can summon the flying nimbus), Flight & Body Control (Could control his tail to move fast enough to have him briefly fly), Afterimage Creation (Could use Jackie Chun’s afterimage technique. Could eventually make an even better version of Chun’s afterimage technique. By the end of original Dragon Ball he learns the flight technique from seeing Tien and co. do it), Ki Manipulation, Reactive Power Level (A saiyan’s power increases if they survive from injury in battle), Power Mimicry (Goku has a consistent streak of mimicking abilities he’s seen others use, the most famous being him easily mimicking the kamehameha, an ability stated by Roshi takes 50 years of practice to use, along with mimicking the demon clan’s air attack abilities and Tien’s solar flare, and Goku being capable of mimicking Roshi’s afterimage technique after seeing him use it against Krillin, with Goku even being able to improve upon it), Precognition (Type 2. During his training with Korrin he learns how to read his opponents movements), Air Manipulation & Breath Attack (Goku can unleash a great blast of air from his lungs to momentarily stop himself in the air), Rage Power (Mere rage can amplify a saiyan a level that's believed to be a myth even by the highest levels of sayains in the verse), Sheer Will (Goku has an immense amount of willpower, to the point that he can start his heart beating again after it stops from sheer will, along with drinking the water of the gods and suffering immense and unexplainable pain for six hours straight without ever giving in just to gain more power), Light Manipulation (With the solar flare, creates a blinding flash of light that blinds the opponent), Healing (Low-Mid. With Senzu beans, can heal even wounds such as holes on one’s body), Resistance to Electricity, Heats (Unaffected by the heat of the desert)

All previous powers and abilities to a greater extent, Adaptation (Goku is able to adapt to higher levels of gravity after training within them), Telepathy and Mind Reading (Read Krillin's mind, could read into King Kai’s telepathy with Guru and telepathically speak with King Kai), Telekinesis (Could telekinetically move water, though this took a lot of concentration), Ki Sensing, Teleportation & Dimensional BFR (Type 1. Via Instant Transmission. Can forcibly send his opponent to other places such as heaven), Limited Attack Reflection (His gi created by King Kai allows him to repel weak attacks), Power Nullification (Can nullify attacks with his ki alone), Statistics Amplification (With Kaioken and Super Saiyan transformations), Mind Manipulation (Characters can link their ki together and train within each other’s mind enacting in image training), Limited Soul Manipulation & Pain Manipulation (Powerful ki users can exert their ki onto a user greatly harming them, ki is the manifestation of one’s lifeforce, along with the aura giving one the feeling of being crushed), Power Absorption & Transferral (Ki users can transfer their ki to others and absorb the ki given to them from others), Immortality Negation (Type 7; Gotenks can destroy the Dictator’s undead army with their Ki; others with Ki should thus be able to do the same), Non-Physical Interaction (The Z Fighters were able to harm the Ghost Warriors), Healing (Ki is shown to have healing properties), Fusionism (With the potara earrings or the fusion dance Goku is able to fuse with another to amplify his strength to unimaginable levels), Resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Can withstand 100 times Earth's gravity), Extreme Heats, Extreme Colds, & Air Manipulation (Can survive in the hyperbolic time chamber for an entire year, which contains sub-zero temperatures to over one hundred degrees temperatures, along with the chamber having 1/4th the air of the regular world and ten times gravity), Mind Manipulation (The original super sayain was consumed by it's own rage and power losing any sense of itself it had, Goku is capable of maintaing super sayain for as long as he wants), Illusion Creation (When focused Goku can see into his mind's eye to see through illusions)

Standard Equipment: Power Pole, Flying Nimbus (up until 23rd Martial Arts Tournament), Senzu Beans

Intelligence: Animalistic as an Oozaru, Below Average socially (Raised in the mountains with his adoptive grandpa before the latter’s death, knows little to nothing about how society functions), At least Below Average, possibly Above Average academics wise (While training with Master Roshi he learned about Math & Calculus, though Goku has displayed he can’t count beyond 18 after being explained to him what comes after 18 he was able to quickly count past it, along with this he has shown to have better understanding academically of situations), Extraordinary Genius combat wise (Copies a kamehameha after seeing it once, which is supposed to take 50 years to learn according to Roshi, copied Master Roshi’s ultimate technique the afterimage after seeing it done, could copy Tien’s solar flare and his flying technique and could copy the demon clan’s air ki techniques. Goku is an incredibly skilled fighter to the point that he is able to easily outskill trained Martial Artists such as Krillin and Yamcha and match prodigies such as Tien and even nearly beat his Master, Roshi, after training with him for a few months)

Weaknesses: His durability drops when off guard. Grabbing Goku’s tail completely weakens him to the point that he cannot get up, removal of his tail will cause him to lose balance, though he learned how to get used to this. Though due to his lack of a tail it was harder for him to hit attacks at full power (up to the Red Ribbon Army Arc). Transforming into an Oozaru makes him berserk for the duration of the form.

Key: Start of Dragon Ball | 21st Budokai | Red Ribbon Arc | 22nd Budokai | King Piccolo Arc | 23rd Budokai | Saiyan Saga | Ginyu Saga | Frieza Saga | Cell Saga | Buu Saga | Fusion Reborn

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